Films from Jena - Leon Liehr



My name is Leon Liehr. I am 17 years old and come from Jena / Thuringia, Germany. Without question video production is my absolute passion. So I already gained experience in the production of music videos, documentaries, image films, commercials and above all short films; I was also allowed to work as a juror in a film jury.

At the moment I am still attending school, but I am aiming to attend a film school / university after graduation and to study cinematography or directing there.


I am open to any kind of projects and hope for good cooperation and successful products.

In the "References" section, you can see a selection of my previous projects, as well as some associated awards, like the "Mitteldeutscher Medienkompetenz Preis 2019", "Charlotte Figula Preises 2019",  "Sepsis CAMpetition 2018" and the "Thüringer Jugendmedienpreis2018".


As these pages and my previous films are in German please contact me in case of any questions on the projects.


If you are interested in working with me you can send me an e-mail under the section "Kontakt" and express your wishes / ideas. I am curious and looking forward to your message.


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